The Time is Now!

4×5 Instant Film is a thing of the past. Yet, thanks to the tremendous efforts of Bob Crowley and New55, it can once again be a thing of the instantaneous present!

Be a part of returning a former photographic capability, both creative and technical, to use by supporting the Kickstarter campaign:

This is THE CHANCE to make this happen and the opportunity is only happening NOW.


What kind of work can be made with this unique process? An example, and more here.

Learn more about the project on the New55 page.


Don’t forget to share with your friends and others who may have an interest in supporting this. Send out the Kickstarter page or a quick link to my blog and tell them you want to see instant!


TONIGHT: Gallery Opening!

I am happy to share with you the last minute notification that I am on exhibit! The always frenetic process of shooting, editing and printing has delayed my personal announcement that Panopticon Gallery in Kenmore Square is holding a gallery opening tonight from 5:30-7:30pm. Come on in and enjoy a lively mix of fine art photography from Boston (and beyond) artists plus a full room of work from the students of NESOP’s Fine Art Black and White program with whom I have been working this year.

I am showing, for the first time, enlarged gelatin silver prints from my “Boston” body of work, as well as the photograph Yankee Magazine selected for their “My New England” Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Join Panopticon’s facebook event here.

Minding “the gap”

Today I listened to Ira Glass talk about the process of making creative work (audio with visual accompaniment here, original version here). It could not have reached me at a better time.

His description of a “gap” struck me as personally apt. At half a year out of school, I am smack in the middle of struggling to work, experiment, study, produce and still explore across a variety of photographic endeavors. I can only hope that his conclusion that going through a volume of work to fight your way through is also as accurate.

My blog has been gathering dust while I have been out doing, engaging any path that could possibly have a part in my development as an artist. It is time now for me to add to my activities that of sharing my experiences, failures, successes, lessons, thoughts and inspirations. Follow along (no, really, click that button in the lower right corner!), and be a part of the journey as well.